Ants vs Termites

Ants vs Termites or Termites vs Ants that is the question. During the spring and summer months ants and termites start moving around. As an Oklahoma City pest control company, we are called many times because our customers are unclear which insect they are seeing. There are similarities and there are differences. Let us look at both. Both termites…

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Tips for a Successful Roach Treatment

We want our customers to get the most value for their money. To reduce the chance at secondary treatments for roaches please review the guidelines below. Clean the home prior to the pest control visit, and maintain the home as neatly as possible for long-term results.This helps to eliminate competing food sources for the insects.…

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Flea Control

One of the biggest issues we have regarding flea control is being able to treat everything for fleas. A lot of times we get to a home and the house is not ready for a flea treatment. To get the best service for your money, below are some tips to get your home ready for…

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Termite Warranties

There are a lot of companies that can treat for termites. By all accounts most companies treat homes the same way, use the same chemical, and for the most part charge close to the same price. So how can a home owner choose the best company when it comes to termite treatment? I do believe…

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I can’t believe these bugs are in my bed!!!!

Unfortunately, this is a common call we receive here at A-Team Termite and Pest Control. People are panicking about bed bugs and what they can do about them. The truth is, bed bugs are not easy to eliminate. Which leads to another unfortunate thing we hear, the amount of money people have spent in trying…

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