Don't Worry, Your Pest Problem Will Be Under Control

A+ pest control from the A-Team in Midwest City Oklahoma City, OK

Are ants crawling over your couch? Spiders invading your bedroom? It's time to take action against these unwanted critters. A-Team Termite and Pest Control will do everything we can to resolve your pest issue. Count on us for treatment of ants, spiders, roaches, wasps and other pests. We'll assess the situation, incorporate a solution and protect your home from further infestation.

Assessing your ant situation

Ants originate from specific nests, making it easy to pinpoint their origin. A-Team will find their exact location and apply Termidor, a safe chemical solution, to the exterior foundation walls of your home or business. This will create a barrier of protection around your building.

Getting rid of roaches and spiders

Getting rid of roaches and spiders

Roaches and spiders are a terrible inconvenience, and can leave anyone shaking in their boots. Don't worry - we attack roaches and spiders from five different directions. Count on our crew to:

  1. Spray the interior and exterior for roaches
  2. Place pesticide dust under your home
  3. Use gel bait to eliminate other roaches
  4. Use an insect growth regulator to take care of eggs
  5. Incorporate best practices from Integrated Pest Management

If you're seeing an increase in the amount of roaches and spiders in your home, call A-Team for a comprehensive approach to help solve the problem. We also handle stinging insects, termites and bed bugs. Reach out to Midwest City's trusted professionals today for assistance.