Proper maintenance is essential for the well-being of all houses, and checking for pests is always recommended. It’s easy to forget nasty pests and insects like termites exist, but doing so leaves your property open to a host of threats.

Termites are capable of destroying a structure in a way rivaled by few major outside calamities. They consume the wood, which weakens the structure and causes significant amounts of permanent damage. The best defense against pest infestation is an aggressive, offensive strategy.

Having a pest removal professional inspect your property for signs of termites is a surefire way to ward off the trouble before it gets too severe.

Termite control technicians help homeowners in the prevention and treatment when an infestation has already taken hold. In the event of an ongoing outbreak, they strategically install bait stations along the structure’s perimeter. Baiting systems are a proven effective method to neutralize the infestation – these systems get rid of the queen of the colony. As long as these stations get placed in routes popular with termite traffic, the population reduces drastically.

How Do I Tell If Have Termites?

Most homeowners can identify termites with a couple of pointers. Termites look similar to ants, with a few notable differences.

Throughout Oklahoma, the soil is home to subterranean termites, making any wooden structure susceptible to attack. According to statistics, a wooden structure built in Oklahoma has a 70% chance of infestation within 10 to 20 years of construction.

If you’re unsure whether you have termites, checking out a few pictures of them or watching videos is a way to familiarize yourself with how this nemesis looks. You may also reach out to termite control specialists if you want a free estimate and an identification at your Oklahoma City home.

Stay In Control Of Your Maintenance Schedule

Don’t overlook how essential regular maintenance is for effective pest control. Infestations of termites can spring up at any time, so early detection is key to stopping them before they become a severe threat.

Hiring a termite control service is smart for several reasons. They implement proven strategies for removing an infestation, including any or all of these.

The combination they choose will come from a combination of factors, including the age of the structure, the materials present, and the size of the infestation. After inspecting your Oklahoma City home, they can customize a solution for your situation.

Deal With Your Termite Problem Fast

Termite damage can be devastating and challenging to recover from when left unchecked. As the damage worsens, the costs to remediate your home are likely to increase.

If you notice a swarm of any type in your Oklahoma City home, call our pest control specialist at once. Many times, we can arrive at your property on relatively short notice to promptly diagnose and address your insect problems.